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Live with Intention. Serve with Passion.

Fervent Servant started in 2016 as a result of a nudge from God to take encouraging others more seriously. Since my college days, I'd been using my Facebook platform to share 'spiritually practical encouragement.' Spiritually practical encouragement is encouragement about real-life situations - big and small - with a biblical perspective. One day, post-college, I was led to share more with others about my journey with overcoming my self-esteem and identity issues. So, I wrote my first book. Ever since then, I have been using Fervent Servant as a platform to help others live in PURPOSE, on PURPOSE, with PURPOSE.


MISSION: To encourage, equip, and empower individuals to live an authentically fervent life.

Fervent Servant's PURPOSE is to help others:

  1. Discover Self

  2. Define Self

  3. Develop Self

  4. Deliver Self

Each Service of Fervent Servant (Darlyshia Menzie) works to support one of these purposes.

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About The Founder.

Speaker. Coach. Author.

Darlyshia A. Menzie is a 3x published author who has placed over 25 speaking engagements. With a professional background as Regional Training Coordinator, Life Transformation Coach and studies in Public Relations, she is also trusted by local and regional organizations such as Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis. Menzie is most recognized as the Founder and Visionary of Fervent Servant LLC, a faith-based business that offers Accountability Coaching and Book Coaching services.

As Menzie strives to reach the masses, her mission is to “encourage, equip, and empower individuals to live life in purpose (your life’s calling), on purpose (your intention), with purpose (your passion).” By way of her business and ministry, Menzie is leading individuals to live an authentically fervent life.

She believes that it is important to be our best so that we can give our best, which is why she serves her clients through the lens of SELF—self-reflection, self-awareness and self-love. Darlyshia covers the total person—spirit, soul, and body. She iterates action plans in order to cultivate a change in the guests of the room. Her sessions not only help people gain clarity about the vision that they have for their lives, but also establish a plan to carry it out.

With Menzie as an energy-filled speaker and small-group facilitator, she exudes the ability to cultivate a room of change-makers. She is unafraid to confront the truths that stunt growth and satisfaction in life. She challenges people to see beyond their current situation--believing that we should consider the past, enjoy in the present, and prepare for the future.

If you are seeking an energy-filled, thought provoking speaker for your next conference, seminar, workshop or meeting, book Darlyshia A. Menzie today!

Fervent Focus

Focusing On What Matters Most


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Darlyshia was great!! She is truly vested in the vision I have for my first book and gave me the best feedback and direction that I could ask for. She is so passionate and personable and I can't wait until we reach the publishing phase of my book!!! I would recommend her to anyone! This is truly her gift and calling!!! Thank you, Darlyshia, for going along this journey with me!! Truly a Fervent Servant!!!!

Alicia W.

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